Expert Track Car Preparations

When it comes to race car preparations, we’re your best choice. Trust the experts at Precision Garage to thoroughly check and prepare your car for the next race. From bumper to brake system inspections, you can rely on us for excellent workmanship. We’ll spend the entire day taking care of your track car to make sure it’s in perfect shape.

Complete Race Car Inspections and Preparations

  • Inspect vehicle’s undercarriage
  • Check whether suspension is intact in terms of bushings and control arms
  • Flushing out all the fluids including transmission, engine oil, deferential, brake flush and bleed
  • Bumper to bumper inspection in terms of safety and making sure everything is bolted down and nothing is loose
  • Ensure battery is tied down, which is a common problem that is missed
  • Checking brakes and a full tire inspection to make sure there is plenty of thread left on the tire and brake pads

Get your car inspected by our highly trained professionals and be ready for the upcoming local races including Weekend Track Events and Time Attack Competitions. Visit us at 6965 Speedway Blvd Suite X110 today!

Race Car Specialists

Our specialization is in engine blueprinting. We’ll document every measurement to ensure that every single piece weighs exactly the same and is the same size. It’s meticulous and detail-oriented process to get the inspection done for engine build.

However, this is essential for a high-performance engine to ensure that every piece is fitted perfectly, down to the last tiny measurement and can perform in perfect unison. We’ll thoroughly check ensuring that the engine is perfectly balanced.

We’ll measure and balance every part of the motor to each other in such a manner that will require going through dozens of pistons, rods and bearings. One day turnaround time for track car preparation! Call us for more details.

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